Health care for female military veteran lags

Healthcare for women military veterans lags behind the care offered to men veterinary many VA facilities, an internal agency report said, even as women are serving on the frontlines at historical levels. There are clearly needs more doctors trained to care for women and more equipment to meet their health needs. He did add that progress is being made, such as the creation of mammography services on site and setting up clinics women in most VA medical centers. The department is also seeking to recruit more doctors who care training women.

For now, veterans do not receive the same quality of ambulatory care than men in about one third of the VA of 139 facilities that offer, according to the report. This seems to validate the complaints from lawyers and some members of Congress who have said more emphasis should be placed on women's health.

Women represent about 5 percent of the VA of the population, but is expected to almost double in the next two years.

Among other conclusions in the report include:
Senior Citizens and young veterans seem to receive the same quality of care;
About 86 percent of homeless veterans seen by VA received primary care, mental health and/ or addiction;
Approximately 98 per cent of commitments have been completed within 30 days in primary care clinics and about 97 percent were completed during this period, specialty clinics;
Overall quality of care seems to be good when examined under commonly accepted health care reference;
Minority veterans interviewed were generally less satisfied with inpatient and outpatient care than white veterans, but it was unclear if the quality of care is different. A more comprehensive care to veterans minority should be completed this summer.

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