Breast Cancer in Younger Women

Beware: Breast Cancer May Be More Aggressive in Younger Women

Breast cancer! The words tend to spread fear in the heart of most women. They are, in short, scary, although usually spoken or heard the conversation on the news. The latest news, with the permission of Norwegian researchers, is that the rate of breast cancer develops varies and tends to have a growth rate faster among young women, which offers little solace.

The scientists used a new mathematical model that enabled them to estimate the number of breast cancers that are detected by mammography. The principal researcher Harald Weedon-Fekjr, Department of etiological research, Cancer Registry of Norway, said: "We found that mammography test sensitivity of the screen increases with the size of tumors has increased, as Not surprisingly. detection rate is only 26% for a 5 millimeter tumor, but increase to 91% once a tumor is 10 mm in size. "

Researchers model was tested by mammography results of the age of 50 to 69 in a study of 395188 women. A complex formula was used to determine the size of tumors were when they were detected; surgically removed tumors were measured, as well as other data have been compiled in the study. Researchers say these findings May aid in the evaluation and planning of screening programs, and other studies and clinical trials. "There are enormous implications for the sensitivity of breast cancer screening programmes," Weedon-Fekjr added.

The growth rate of tumors showed a significant difference between patients. About one in 20 tumors doubled in size-10-to 20 millimetres in just over a month, yet in other cases, the same number of tumours took over six years to double in size. The research team believes it takes an average of 1.7 years for tumors to double in size depending on their results. And tumor growth seems to be fastest among young women and slowed as older women. The research team's report reads as follows: "tumour growth seems to vary considerably between tumors, with higher growth rates among young women."

How many times a woman must obtain a mammogram? Some studies have reported evidence to support mammography and whether or not it saves lives. All experts agree that if the cancer is detected early, it is much easier to treat.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women worldwide. At the global level, in 2007 it is estimated that 465000 women died of breast cancer and 1.3 million new cases were diagnosed.

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