Prevention of Allergies To Animals

Some doctors strongly believe that a person who is allergic to an animal should find the creature a new home. This is certainly the best treatment.

But getting rid of a cat or dog can be a sad story when the pet is loved. And unfortunately, people who have not had much exposure to animals may not develop an allergic reaction for many months, sometimes up to two years later. By this time, the pet may have become a member of the family.

Anyway if you want your pet stay in your house then you should not brush or wash a cat or dog yourself if you are allergic to it. Nevertheless, the animal should be kept well groomed, with a good brushing or washing each week. The undercoat should be clipped and combed regularly, especially in spring.

If your pet groomer is too expensive, grooming is a good chore for a young child or teenager. The animal can be washed and dried in a bathroom, then put towels in the laundry. Brushing should be done outside the home. The brush and comb should be washed afterward. An allergic person should not empty a cat litter box or should wear a mask while doing so.

To restricting a pet's range, the first step is to keep the animal outside the bedroom. Then, being held away from your favorite chair or sofa. A cat or dog should have its own bed of pet house. If the pet has a particular chair or sofa it rests on, it may help to cover that piece of furniture with a sheet. Wash the sheet daily or at least regularly.

Allow the pet to spend some time outside, if possible. This solution is especially appropriate if the pet is a dog or rabbit since a doghouse or hutch will allow the pet to spend time outside comfortably and safely.

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